Soccer Goal Observations

As the only company solely devoted to the safety and portability of soccer goals with our patented SSG-14R Retrofit Kit, we have considered the challenge of making soccer goals that will set new standards for the industry. In the process of reviewing existing soccer goals – that mostly scramble for the lowest price points – it challenges the mind to make sense of the existing designs. Adhering to our vision that “every soccer goal should be safe and movable 24/7” – and that the end user should not be solely responsible for the safety of the manufacturers’ soccer goals – we plan to apply common sense to our goal design.

  • It doesn’t make sense to use Euro backstays on a portable soccer goal that alters the balance of the goal and allows the net to droop into the goal.
  • As a result of the droopy net, it doesn’t make sense to add additional in-ground rear posts or giant “archery bows” to square off the net and make it look “nice.”
  • It makes no sense to set the rear of the goal 10’ back from the front which makes the goal wobble like an old shed and more difficult to move.
  • It makes no sense for the manufacturer to supply cheap hooks or pegs that are easily removed and lost or run over by a $40,000 mower.
  • It makes no sense that soccer goals need to be chained together or chained to a fence because they are not safe to be used for “pick up” games by the neighborhood “kids.”
  • It makes no sense for players or volunteers to have to carry 300 lb soccer goals off the field and risk damaging the integrity of the goal – or themselves.
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